LastV is committed to delivering training sessions that bring individuals closer to their goals. It doesn't matter what you are training for or why, when you commit to LastV, you commit to changing your life. Change takes time. Over-training, emotional and physical fatigue and stress are not ways to make up for lost time, instead LastV believes that there is no better time than the present. Know where you come from, where you have been, set your short and long term goals, and then start now. 


What does LastV mean?


LastV is a term used to describe the final seconds, minutes, miles before the finish line. It is used to motivate individuals to work hard 'til the end. LastV is all about the individual and their personal best in those final moments before the whistle blows or the buzzer rings, and the time runs out. 


LastV for the aspiring athlete


No matter what your sport or position, high physical fitness is a must for the competitive athlete. LastV can help you get your body prepared for the demands your sport or activity places on it. The best way to prevent injuries is to train like you play. Keep your mind guessing and your body reacting. LastV offers technical skills coaching on and off the ball for soccer players. Film analysis is available for players seeking better play and more time on the field. 






Fitness and Technical Training



Portland Oregon